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David Hasselhoff On The Walk Of Fame In Hollywood/California When David was in high school he acted in every play at school. After that he went to the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rochester and tried to get money with a few jobs as a waiter and a model for publicity. In a restaurant called the "Marina City Club", an agent discovered him and got a role in the "The Young And The Restless" for him. This role made him very famous in the USA. His big brakethrough came with the main part in the TV-Show "Knight Rider". He played Michael Knight for 5 years. Privately, David is also a very huge car fan.
Of the first money he got he bought himself a villa in the near of Sherman Oaks. Music was his big passion, so he began also to sing. At the beginning he only sang for fun, but after Jack White got his new producer he became a very successful musician. "Looking For Freedom" got #1 in many countries all over the world. Besides, he made some charity gigs for handicapped and sick kids. He supported and still supports kids with cancer, to make their lives more confortable for the time they still have.
With the TV-Show "Baywatch" he celebrated his big comeback. But he was also successful in other directions. For example he created gym shoes and wrote a fitness book called: "Body Watch". Nevertheless David wants to continue his music and movie career.

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