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My first concert was in 1990:

David Hasselhoff - Looking For Freedom Tour

Looking For Freedom Tour At The Hallenstadion Of Zürich Location: Zürich (Hallenstadion)
Specials: KITT was in front of the building.
Comments: David Hasselhoff's concert was great! All the people in the Hallenstadion just sang along his song and the atmosphere was so great!

My second concert was in 1994:

David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff At The Hallenstadion Of Zürich Location: Zürich (Hallenstadion)

Jeremy Jackson (Hobbie of Baywatch) was singing 3 of his own songs before David started.

There was not only a huge 3D-Show, but he also sang songs of the Beach Boys and the Phantom of the Opera song.
Comments: Like his first concert in Zürich, it was a big success and all people sang along his great songs!

My third concert was on July 25th 1997:

Michael Jackson - HISTORY Tour

HISTORY Tour At The Joggeli-Stadion In Basel Location: Basel (Joggeli-Stadion)
Specials: The huge Show was phenomenal... Michael Jackson is not only the King of Pop, but also the King of Entertainment.
Comments: So far I had never seen such a MEGA-SHOW! Everything was perfect timed and perfect planed! Michael Jackson really know how to entertain people!

My fourth concert was on August 23rd 1998:

The Symbol / The Artist Formaly Known As Prince

The Symbol At The Hallenstadion Of Zürich Location: Zürich (Hallenstadion)
Specials: He not only sang his latest hits but also the very old ones. Besides there was Shaka Kaa and a guy who played the best Jazz-Blues I have ever heard so far on stage.
Comments: I have never seen an Artist so far, who played so much with the fans, like "The Artist Formaly Known As Prince" (TAFKAP) did. You could see that he had so much fun to be there on stage and play his songs and just having a good time!

In between I have been to 2 "Night Of The Proms Concert" with stars like:
Simple Minds, Status Quo, Emilia, Zucchero, Coolio, Blondie, John Miles, Polo Hofer, Gölä and many more!

My fifth concert was on January 14th 2000:


Subzonic Location: Zürich (Palais X-Tra)
Specials: Subzonic made the concert to celebrate the golden plate they got for their album "Update '99" and their Hit Single "Titelgschicht".
Comments: I have to say that they are even better live on stage than on CD!

On January 21st 2000 I went to the Art On Ice Event at the Hallenstadion of Zurich. It was great! Special Guest Stars were Vanessa Mae, the worlds most famous and most talented violin player, Nubya and the worlds most famous swiss ice skating queen Denise Bielmann! My friend and I really enjoyed the whole event.

In November 2000 My sister Nadine and I invited my mum to see 'Feet Of Flames'. One of the best musicals besides Riverdance.

My eighth concert was on May 25th 2001:


Vengaboys Location: Pub Festival Zürich Oberland @ Wetzikon
Specials: The Vengaboys performed all their No. 1-Hits.
Comments: The atmosphere in the Curling-Halls of Wetzikon was great! But nevertheless I was a little bit disappointed that the Vengaboys only played for about 45 minutes! But they knew how to heat up the "Vengababes" and the "Vengafellows"!

My ninth concert was on December 23rd 2001:


Riverdance Location: Zürich (Hallenstadion)
Specials: It was great to finally see, feel and hear it live - instead of seeing just some previews of Riverdance on television.
Comments: My mum, Stefi and her mum and I had a good time and were impressed by the whole Riverdance-Show!

My tenth concert was on May 24th 2002:

Vonda Sheppard

Vonda Sheppard @ the Volkshaus in Zürich Location: Zürich (Volkshaus)
Specials: Vonda Sheppard was very kind and friendly. She obviously had a lot of fun at the concert! She even admitted: "This is probably the loosest concert ever, but I am having a great time!"
Comments: The concert was great and the crowd made one wave after the other to get Vonda back on stage at the end... ;-)

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