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André A. Albrecht Profession:
  • Informatiker mit eidgenössischem Fachausweis (WI1)
        Fachrichtung "Wirtschaftsinformatik"
        (Information Scientist)
    • IT Project Leader
    • Software-Developer (Mainly Lotus Notes)
      Certified Lotus Principal (CLP) R4.5 / Certified Lotus Professional (CLP) R5
    • Responsible for Network (LAN), Server and PC's
    • Supporting Users
    • Train Users
    • Planning / Coordination / Organization
    • Responsible for Customer Relations for applications
    • Responsible for Security

  • Webmaster (Creating Homepages)
  • Supporting Webmaster (Updating Homepages)
  • Teach users how to use their PC, the Internet, ..., ...
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